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About Alice Greene & Company

“How about publishing a chapbook?” asked Alison Swan. To which I replied, “What’s a chapbook?”

That simple exchange, so well answered by the poet over the following weeks, resulted in the creation of Alice Greene & Co. in 2011. From the very beginning, we felt devoted to this art form—the intimate snapshots of a poet’s imagination, bringing to us, the readers, a sense of place—often the Great Lakes region, and always the landscape of spirit.

We were able to build on prior publishing projects, most recently an organic gardening book for the Great Lakes region.

Now, many chapbooks later, we’re still fascinated by these small gems that explore the natural and unnatural environment. We combine each book’s poetry with a few bespoke images, and a cover which we hope evokes the feeling of the words within.

We’re delighted to bring this beautiful work into the world and I hope you will join us on our growing book adventures!

Jill & Colin
September 2022