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About Alice Greene & Company

Alice Greene & Company is the latest imprint of a long-established educational publisher founded in Palo Alto, California and now located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As director of this new imprint, I have been able to combine my love of the written word and working with writers, poets, artists, and book designers. We began Alice Greene & Co. with Easy Edibles, a handbook for growing organic vegetables. It was not only conceived for our region, but was written, illustrated, designed and printed all within a few miles of downtown Ann Arbor. In 2011, poet Alison Swan asked me, “How about publishing a chapbook?”, I answered, “What’s a chapbook?” She described chapbooks to me and I said, “Great, okay.” What grew from our focus on sense of place was the opportunity to partner with some of the best regional poets in unique and beautiful poetry books and especially chapbooks. We have a compelling collection of these small gems set in the Great Lakes—both the natural and unnatural environment. They combine the poetry with art on the cover and inside provided by artists who similarly have their roots in this region. There is, of course a little more to this story. I had had a couple of phases as an editor, and had just finished a revision of a literary analysis book, Sequel. The poetry section was the most intriguing to me: I loved the musicality of the selected works. And my good friend Jean Buescher and I had previously collaborated on a project for her fine arts press. My husband, Colin O’Brien had deep expertise in desktop publishing and web design, and his own insights into poetry. Colin has his own origin story about our imprint name, Alice Greene & Co., claiming that I wanted the “Alice” part after seeing Alice Coltrane in concert shortly before. We’re less clear about the Greene part. We do agree on our devotion to this art form and these beautiful snapshots of a poet’s imagination, bringing to us, the readers, a sense of place—often the Great Lakes region—and always the landscape of spirit. And in 2019, we were excited to begin publishing emerging poets beyond this region (though they do mix their current locations, Georgia, Oregon, with their roots in Ohio). We’re so delighted to be bringing their work into our collection and taking it out into the world! Thank you for reading about us – I hope you will join us on our growing book adventures.

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