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Between Us

Front cover of poetry chapbook, Between Us, by Holly Wren Spaulding Holly Wren Spaulding January 2022
34 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-935770-25-1

When Holly Wren Spaulding sent her latest manuscript to us in the spring of 2021, we leapt at the opportunity to follow her 2020 book, Familiars, with this intimate and timely collection written during the early days of the pandemic. Between Us is Holly’s fourth book with our press and we are excited to share this work with you.

In Between Us, she offers the salvation of beauty amidst sorrow for who and what has been lost in recent years.

“Each poem in Holly Wren Spaulding’s exquisite new collection is an offering of flowers—some cut from the garden, others gathered wild from a field; some intricately arranged, others a single stem placed in a vase on the windowsill, the bedside table. All, however, afford us the pleasure of care having been taken, of beauty having been salvaged amid desolation, and shared.

“Pure loveliness. An existential as well as an artistic achievement.”