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Dog Heart

Cover of Dog Heart Alison Swan Third printing
March 2019
28 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-935770-04-6
Alison Swan
Original signed,
limited edition of 100
December 2011
Sold Out

Dog Heart was originally released as a limited edition, and is now available as a regular paperback. This is the first poetry collection by award-winning writer Alison Swan. This lovely chapbook of ten linked poems immerses the reader in Swan’s finely drawn images of the Great Lakes and their rugged shores where dunes disappear into woodlands.

Swan’s language is precise and evocative—images resonate and are remembered. By connecting with the poet’s observations, we feel her sense of place and know those for whom it is home. Each poem was selected and arranged with others to create a whole that stays with the reader, like an album.

Several artists contributed to the handmade limited edition of 100. Designer Melanie Boyle’s illustrations embellish the text and her ‘American Bittersweet’ image graces the cover. Book artist Jean Buescher Barlett designed and sewed the fine linen binding. The paperback retains Melanie’s illustrations and cover.

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Lake Effect Copyright Alison Swan