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Easy Edibles

Picture of book cover Sheri Repucci First Edition November 2009 150 pages, illustrated $14.95 ($17.99 Canada) ISBN 978-1-935770-00-8

A Beginner’s Guide to Growing Organic Food in the Lower Great Lakes Region

If you’ve ever wanted to have a garden of delicious, organic vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, Easy Edibles is the complete introduction to growing edibles organically in the lower Great Lakes region. You may have a community garden, want to take advantage of a sunny spot in your own garden, or just have room for a few containers. No matter how small your start, or grand your ambitions, Easy Edibles will get you growing. Successful gardening begins with a good plan that is just right for your needs, and this book will show you how to choose a location, amend your soil, and select easy-to-grow plants that you love to eat. It also encourages you to make the garden your own special spot—a place in which to express creativity and find joy. Easy Edibles is full of tips to ensure success and it also lets you know about common pitfalls and how to avoid them, and how not to be discouraged if you do come up against the unexpected. It covers all the skills and techniques you will need and then gives for each vegetable vital information such as when, where and how to plant and when and how to harvest. And the fun doesn’t stop there! Easy Edibles has detailed information about cooking, storing and preserving your harvest, as well as providing some delicious, simple recipes to get you started on enjoying your bounty. The book is beautifully illustrated throughout. For a chapter by chapter introduction and sample pages, continue here. For information on where to get a copy, continue here.