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For All Things in Motion

Front cover of poetry chapbook, For All Things in Motion, by Stephen Leggett   Stephen Leggett December 2021
36 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-935770-26-8

For All Things in Motion is an intimate portrait of the hushed beauty of winter-to-spring intertwined with the people and creatures of the poet’s tender memories and exquisite eye.

“I’ve loved Steve Leggett’s poems since his early days when he lived in the Manistee National Forest. These poems are the record of a sweet mind, written from a life spent in service to silence and quietude. There is also a wise mind at work here, always observing and never distracted by the chaos of current affairs. His poems simmer inside of him, then rise into us as gifts. There is a kind of flight in his words, slow and steady, offering a deep sense of calm as they pass through us.”
— Michael Delp