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If August

image of If August cover Holly Wren Spaulding May 2017
84 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-935770-15-2

Holly Wren Spaulding’s latest work, her second with the press, is an extended luminous poem evoking the sensuality of late summer entwined with unexpected narrative and rhythm. Spare and suggestive, the work’s innovative form creates a new and singular experience for readers.

“It’s like a 300-page novel in 100 words and I keep thinking about how inviting this book is — that the reader is invited in as a partner but without being expected to do all the work. A work of such generosity. I guess I continue to puzzle over the fact that there is so much in so little. I haven’t admired any new book as much in years, or to that effect. It’s true! It’s riveting! I cannot say more about the book than Holly does in the book!”

— Elinor Nauen, author of My Marriage A-Z: A Big City Romance

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If August Copyright Holly Wren Spaulding