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Poem at the Edge of the World

Cover for Poem at the Edge of the World Julia Caroline Knowlton April 2022
30 pages, paperback
ISBN 978-1-935770-27-5

Written during the pandemic, Julia Caroline Knowlton’s Poem at the Edge of the World explores the artistic edge between physical experience and imagination. Her poems invite the reader to experience moments of nature, melancholy and love as a kind of waking dream or “dream without sleep.” Julia paints pictures with words creating meditations on light and silence, sensuality, and the stasis of pain and loneliness. Her work as a French scholar reveals itself in two poems honoring historically undervalued French women artists: Camille Claudel and Berthe Morisot. Julia’s use of subtle rhyme/musicality allows her readers to travel, as she puts it, “to a place where land sinks to sea.”