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image of Watershed cover   Cameron Keller Scott October 2019 44 pages, paperback $16.00 ISBN 978-1-935770-21-3
“It is not that the mayfly lights upon the water nor is it that the trout is compelled to surface – born of instinct, hunger, and fluid aggression – it is that the memory of such a moment is simultaneously ephemeral and eternal. Cameron Scott knows that the river is both church and time capsule. These poems are spiritual paeans to family and lost friends, the dusk and dawn kiss of nature that resides in our human hearts. Stegner once wrote ‘no place is a place until it has found its poet.’ Perhaps this holds true for fly fishing and the communion of water, wind, family, fish and, of course, humanity. Scott has brought his sport into the ethereal expanses of poetry.” — Aaron Abeyta, recipient of the American Book Award for his collection of poetry Colcha Click on this sample page to see larger Sample pages with 'Oregon Country, Hunger' Copyright Cameron  Keller Scott and image Copyright Helen Gotlib