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gofundme Familiars

The pandemic this year has changed how poetry books are sold and bought. You can no longer go along to a reading at your local bookstore, chat with the author afterwards, buy a book and get it autographed. This has a knock-on effect on the author, and then the publisher. To address these issues, we have started a gofundme campaign for Holly Wren Spaulding’s new poetry book Familiars. The initial goal is to cover the costs of printing, but if we are fortunate enough to succeed with that, any additional funds will be used to pay the ‘& Co.’, all the collaborators, illustrators, artists, book designers, photographers etc who help to make the books extra special. For you the reader, this is a way to pre-order the book (don’t forget to let us know where you want it mailed) and gofundme copies will be shipped before it goes on sale on Amazon.