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Author Stephen Leggett

Steve Leggett grew up in Manistee on the shores of Lake Michigan, a region with a geography of snow, wind, and waves that has continually informed his writing. After earning a degree in Anthropology and Literature, he returned to his landscape in northern Michigan, living for many years in a remote cabin in the Udell Hills region of the Manistee National Forest. When he moved to southern Michigan, he worked in bookshops, music stores, and then for many years as a music reviewer. He has published several chapbooks of poetry, including The All-Forest (1979), The Form It Takes (1988), and Entropy in the New World (2016). His poems have appeared in The Nation, The Louisville Review, Passages North and many other magazines and journals. Also a songwriter and musician, he has released six albums with his band the Buzzrats, the most recent being Bright Shiny Life in 2011.

Read more of Steve Leggett’s first poetry chapbook with Alice Greene & Co., For All Things in Motion.

Front cover of For All Things in Motion