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A new poetry chapbook from Holly Wren Spaulding

Our work on Holly Wren Spaulding’s new chapbook, Between Us, is underway! It’s a tender and beautiful book written during the pandemic, but reaching beyond to reconcile loss, uncertainty, and beauty. Given the continued unknowns over in-person poetry events, we have started a gofundme campaign to raise money to cover the printing and offer a copy of the book as a reward.

Congratulations to Julia Caroline Knowlton

Alice Greene & Co. author Julia Caroline Knowlton was invited to serve as the next President of the Georgia Poetry Society and was duly elected. She will step into this role at an honorary ceremony in January 2022. She will initially focus on youth programs and a commitment to diverse voices in poetry in Atlanta and throughout Georgia. Professor Knowlton is excited to share her passion for the deep power and beauty of poetry. We will publish her new chapbook of poems, entitled Poem At The Edge Of The World, in 2022.

Trees and Other Creatures shipping

Cover of Trees and Other Creatures

We are very pleased to announce that we have copies of Teresa Scollon’s new poetry chapbook back from the printer; looks fabulous. We will immediately start shipping to all the generous donors who pre-ordered a copy through gofundme. More information …

Familiars adopted as required text for Environmental Studies course

We are very pleased and honored to be able to report that Holly Wren Spaulding’s recent poetry book, Familiars, is now required reading on the ENVI 364 Spiritual Ecology course which is part of the undergraduate Enviromental Studies Program at Westminster College in Salt Lake, UT. This course is available as an elective to students who are taking Environmental Studies as a Major or Minor. You can see details of the program here.

Trees gofundme

We are getting close to having everything ready to send to the printer for Teresa Scollon’s new poetry chapbook Trees and Other Creatures and have set up a gofundme page to enable readers to pre-order a copy and hopefully support the work of Alice Greene & Commpany.

Review of Let Them Be left

A very fine review of Keith Taylor’s poetry chapbook Let Them Be Left has appeared on Escape Into Life. Many thanks to poet Kathleen Kirk.

Trees break cover

Image of Cover of Trees and Other Creatures

The front cover for Teresa Scollon’s new poetry chapbook Trees and Other Creatures


Trees moving ahead

Artwork by Mary Shea

We are looking forward to working with the artist Mary Shea and using some of her artwork for the cover of Trees and Other Creatures, the new poetry chapbook by Teresa Scollon, as well as some of her drawings as illustrations in the book itself.

Trees in the bag

We are pleased to announce that the first publication for 2021 from Alice Greene & Company will be “Trees and Other Creatures” by Teresa Scollon. Looking forward to her “layered vignettes exploring the spirits of the animate and inanimate, giving a path of fresh imagery into the emotional complexity of living, even in the midst of chaos.”

Keith recorded reading from Let Them Be Left

Author Kelly Fordon has a nice post on her website with a recording of Keith Taylor reading from Let Them Be left. She also has very kind words about Alice Greene.